What does JSS do?
JSS is a management system that offers businesses intelligent functionality to easily, quickly and efficiently set up and maintain schedules of customer jobs, especially (but not limited to) those of a recurring nature, be they regular or intermittent.
How can I make sure it is right for my business before I spend any money?
We want you to be certain you are happy with JSS before you spend a cent! Download the FREE, fully functional trial and "test drive" it without obligation for 30 days. We are confident that you will wonder how you ever managed without it!
When will my licence(s) expire?
Licences are renewable on a monthly basis. These can be discontinued at any time without penalty by contacting Support.
Are mobile devices supported?
JSS has been built to operate on the Microsoft Windows platform as the administrative functions are more suited to an office environment. However, it is possible to add new customers and jobs via the online portal using any connected device. Furthermore, once Job Schedules have been created, they can be published to the internet where they can be accessed and updated using any connected device. They can also be emailed with the click of a button, and so easily sent to mobile devices if preferred. 
Will JSS run on Apple Macs?
As the administrative functions of JSS have been built to operate on the Microsoft Windows platform, these can be performed on any device that supports that operating system (from XP onwards), including Apple Macs in Windows mode. They cannot, however, be run under any native Mac OS. However, it is possible to add new customers and jobs via the online facility and Job Schedules are able to be published on the internet where they can be accessed and updated using any connected device.
Can more than 1 person use JSS at the same time?
Yes. JSS can be installed on a server and run simultaneously from any workstation connected to that server. It has simple, effective security features which allow definitive control over who may access the functions within the system and what actions they may perform within those functions. Customers and jobs can be added via the online portal and Job Schedules can be published on the internet where they can be accessed and updated from anywhere, although these too are governed by security.
What is included in the free support?
Apart from providing any email help or advice that may be requested as to how to use JSS, the support includes free bug fixes and minor enhancements that may be identified from time to time.
Where is my data held?
JSS takes advantage of tried and proven Microsoft Office technology and all data is held in a local standard Access database. However, customers and jobs can be added, and Job Schedules can be accessed and updated, from anywhere via the internet portal - the data for these functions is temporarily held on a secure "cloud based" server and subsequently updated to the local database on demand.
What accounting packages can I export my sales and customer data to?
JSS provides for interfacing sales and customer data with the popular accounting packages of MYOB and Xero.
Which countries is JSS suitable for?
At present JSS is servicing only the Australian market, but trials are being held in New Zealand and, depending on demand, it will be adapted for other countries in the near future.
How can I ask a question not covered here?
Feel free to email us at any time - we strive to respond within a single business day.
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